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Release Blitz w/Giveaway: The Royal Treatment by MJ Summers

Title: The Royal Treatment (A Crown Jewels Romance, Book 1) Author: MJ Summers
Genre: Romantic Comedy, Women's Fiction, Contemporary Romance Release Date: May 23, 2017 Hosted by:Buoni Amici Press, LLC.

Enough laughs to satisfy fans of Bridget Jones. Enough sparkly shoes and breathtaking ball gowns for fans of Cinderella… Twenty-eight-year-old Tessa Sharpe, a.k.a. The Royal Watchdog, hates everything about Prince Arthur. As far as she’s concerned, he’s an arrogant, lazy leech on the kingdom of Avonia. When he shocks the nation by giving her the keys to the castle in an attempt to boost his family’s dismal public approval ratings, Tessa has no choice but to accept and move in for two months. It’s lust at first site, but there’s no way she can give in to her feelings—not if she wants to have a career or a shred of pride left when her time at the palace ends. Ultra-private, ultra-hot Crown Prince Arthur has always gotten by on his charm. But that won’t be enough now that the royal family is…

Release Boost: Curveball by Mariah Dietz

Title: Curveball Author: Mariah Dietz Genre: Contemporary Romance Release Date: May 18, 2017

Shakespeare believed there was always humor in tragedy and
tragedy in humor.
My life proved his theory as fact.
At eighteen I was a single parent moving to this small town
to be with the man I loved. The one who was supposed to love and cherish me in
Finding out he had a wife was tragic.
Remaining in love with him in spite of her was more tragic. My mom and best friend setting me up on a long string of
blind dates was an ongoing tragedy.
Nine years later, I’ve learned to see the humor in most
My mom and best friend setting me up on disastrous blind
dates. My son’s jokes. The fire alarm going off each time I cook.
My constant bright spot always adding to the humor was my
son, Hayden. But when Hayden had a life-threatening allergic reaction, the man
who came to help my little boy became my own savior. His laugh, his smile, and
the way his eyes lit up when he spoke to my son made him a…

EskieMama & Dragon Lady Reads Midweek Spotlight w/Giveaway: Jasper by TK Lawyer

Welcome to EskieMama & Dragon Lady Reads Midweek Spotlight!
Jasper by TK Lawyer
Enter below for a chance to win a $5.00 Amazon Gift Card from TK Lawyer!

Tatiana seeks rare, coveted treasure: a strong, loving, committed male she can respect, be proud of and become her full-fledged, partner. She has sought this elusive prince among men, her own personal champion but instead found many, many frogs and quite a few toads. Does her hero exist on Earth or did she miss her opportunity?
Jasper isn’t seeking a mate. His only intention is to rescue Tatiana from a fatal car accident, but he finds himself drawn to her in ways he can’t explain. She’s a rare, precious gem and there’s no turning back for him. He must know her and introduce himself in some sort of “human” fashion, at some sort of “human” event, for he is not of Earth.
Once Tatiana finds out Jasper’s true identity, will she accept and trust him? Will Tatiana allow herself to enter into a permanent, loving relationship with an unearthly …

Blurb Blitz w/Giveaway: Kasper Mutzenmacher's Cursed Hat by Keith R. Fentonmiller

Kasper M├╝tzenmacher's Cursed Hat by Keith R. Fentonmiller GENRE: Magical Realism
Keith R. Fentonmiller will be awarding a $50 Amazon or Barnes and Noble GC to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour. Please visit to follow the tour, remember the more you comment better your chances on winning.


Chapter Reveal: When Life Happened by Jewel E. Ann

When Life Happened, an all-new standalone romance from Jewel E. Ann is coming June 5th!

When Life Happened by Jewel E. Ann Publication Date: June 5th, 2017 Genre: Contemporary Romance

Parker Cruse despises cheaters. It might have something to do with her boyfriend sleeping with her twin sister. After a wedding day prank involving a strong laxative, that ends the already severed relationship between the twins, Parker decides to grow up and act twenty-six. Step One: Move out of her parents’ house. Step Two: Find a job. Opportunity strikes when she meets her new neighbor, Gus Westman. He’s an electrician with Iowa farm-boy values and a gift for saying her name like it’s a dirty word. He also has a wife. Sabrina Westman, head of a successful engineering firm, hires Parker as her personal assistant. Driven to be the best assistant ever, Parker vows to stay focused, walk the dog, go to the dry cleaners, and not kiss Gus—again. Step Three: Don’t judge. Step Four: Remember— when life happens…

Guest Post: Liliana Hart author of the Gravediggers Series

Guest Post Lilana Hart Author of the Gravediggers Series

How did you come up with the idea for this story?
I always see my books like movie scenes, and I kept having this recurring scene pop into my head of these very sexy, built special ops guys, stripped to the waist in the pouring rain and mud, digging up a grave. I had no idea what the story or premise was at that time, but I knew that scene was going in the book.
I started talking it over with my husband (as I do for every book when it’s just forming in my mind) and we came up with The Gravediggers as a special ops group unlike any other. They were all exceptional with their own intelligence agencies, but for them to form the most elite group of agents, they had to “die” in their former life and be reborn with a new identity, leaving their family, friends, and past behind them.

Where do you find your inspiration?
I’m an observer of all things. I’d much prefer to sit back and listen to conversations and watch how people react and th…